Group Report

The 009 Society

West Midlands Area Group

Report of Area Group Meeting at 7.30pm on Monday 9th September 2019

Angela Baker, Model Reporter

A committed crew of twenty collaborators convened collectively at our September area group meeting. Convivial conversation interspersed with occasional running of model locomotives subsequently transpired, as per specification.

One of our newest members, Lee Ward, had got straight down to business and presented a mock-up of his proposed 009 canal-side industrial layout with a printed track plan using Anyrail6 software (a free download) for six sidings, a wharf-side transhipment shed and a run-round loop plus two-road fiddle yard, on a one-piece ready-made timber baseboard 1350 x 250mm. Entitled ‘Lubstree Wharf’ (a real place), the layout is based on the former Lilleshall private railway alongside the Shrewsbury & Newport canal.

Hugh Freeman gave us another showing of his charming French HOe ‘route secondaire’ terminus layout, now entitled ‘Point Seul’, Franglais for ‘One Point’ cos its only got – well, you know. Whilst looking virtually complete, Hugh is still adding finishing touches, the latest one being a chimney-stack-operated indexing system for the sector plate. Bravo Monsieur – Vive le chemin de fer.

Fresh from its starring role in the current issue of 009 News, Ben Powell’s scratch-built Peckett 1995/1941 0-4-2ST gave a faultless demonstration of slow running on Peter Hardy’s test track, hauling Ben’s rake of ten Society open wagons. Also running stylishly was Peter’s Gem ‘Dolgoch’ on scratch-built chassis, now finished in matt green livery and complete with crew, hauling his rake of four Dundas Ffestiniog semi-open bogie coaches, kit-bashed down from four doors to three and smartly finished in high gloss red, blue, green and brown liveries (one colour on each coach, that is). The shortest bogie coaches this side of Boston Lodge. Awaiting the road was David Churchill’s Chivers Kerr Stuart ‘Skylark’, seen at our last meeting but now stripped of gloss black paint (using the Jane Webb method) and undergoing re-assembly to represent an Australian open-cab version. Nice one DC. In the siding was Tim Williams’ Brian Madge Quarry Hunslet ‘Alice’ sitting pretty with a rake of Tim’s 3D-printed Dinorwig wagons – four slate, two flats and two maintenance wagons. Even the wheels and axles are 3D prints. Tim also showed his latest iteration of slate wagon – two-part 3D prints with low-relief side lettering in 009, plus a monster 16mm-scale version which took five hours to print. Remarkable.

3D teas-n-coffees were generated by Peter Hardy and David Churchill with washing up jointly conducted in synchromesh by Hugh Freeman and Bob Taylor. Thank you gentlemen.

We meet at Moorfield Hall, Hartshill Road, Shard End, Birmingham, B34 6QX from 7.30 to 9.30pm on the second Monday of every month. There is a nominal charge of £3.00 to cover the costs of hall hire and refreshments. Our next meetings will be held on 14th October, 11th November and 9th December 2019 (it comes round every year). If you have any queries, please contact Julien Webb at .