Group Report

The 009 Society

West Midlands Area Group

Report of Area Group Meeting at 7.30pm on Monday 14th May 2018

Twenty-two narrow gauge guys-n-gals gathered together for our June area group meeting – notionally less than our recent quota but quite a bit more than a quorum.
Most of the action took place on Peter Hardy’s ever-present test track – for once the only powered track in the building. First out of the siding was Tim Williams’ diminutive RT Models De Winton with vertical motor inside the vertical boiler casting (a can motor inside a can). This was a loose assembly still in-the-build but no less enjoyable for that. In marked contrast at the other extreme size-wise was Dewi Phillips’ impressive Paul Windle Mallet 0-8-8-0 Hunslet-style tender loco on N-gauge chassis nicely finished in distinguished matt black livery – unsurprisingly this was not keen on the 9-inch curves. Then came Will King’s Chivers-bashed Kerr Stuart ‘Haig’, still in the metal but now with added detail, hauling a charming Peters Models North Wales Narrow Gauge (pre-WHR) brass composite coach on Dundas bogies, also still in-the-build.
John Rice presented his working mock-up of a Peco turntable mounted in an inverted Poundland wooden mini-orange-box (satsuma-box?) powered by a Locomotech motor turning smoothly at exactly the right rotation speed using Maplins reed switches and skilfully controlled by Jenna Rice. As we all know, whilst Poundland and Maplins stores come and go, skilful controllers remain a precious resource.
Steve Mann brought along his Avonside ‘Woolwich’ 0-4-0T on bravely-sawn-off Kato 103 chassis with added skirts and neatly finished in a blue livery of Caledonian flavour, together with his Shapeways 3D ‘Lilla’ on Minitrains chassis, now in a decidedly-signal-red livery. These gems were allegedly present at the previous meeting but not detected by your neglectful reporter.
Dick Johnson showed his considerable collection of Peco and Fourdees GVT coaches (open, closed and brake – if there’s a variant, Dick’s got it) all now graced with added pre-painted population.
The bring-n-buy department saw brisk business thanks to Will King and Julien Webb. In Will’s case this was presumably to fund his next Boston Lodgings for Ffestiniog volunteering – a worthy cause.
Teas and coffees were efficiently modelled by Tim Williams and John Brookes with assorted biscuits generously supplied by Dewi Phillips and mobile catering tackle lugged around by Julien Webb (as usual) – thank you gentlemen.
We meet at Moorfield Hall, Hartshill Road, Shard End, Birmingham, B34 6QX from 7.30 to 9.30pm on the second Monday of every month. There is a nominal charge of £3.00 to cover the costs of hall hire and refreshments. Our next meetings will be held on 9th July, 13th August and 10th September 2018. If you have any queries, please contact Julien Webb at