April 2024 Meeting

15 attended the April meeting (Pic001).

Ben Powell had been steadily working through building a Backwoods Miniatures Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0 diesel (Pic002).

Ian Willetts had fitted cast brass Penrhyn couplings to his Bachmann Mainline Hunslet.  They worked as well as they looked on Peter Hardy’s test track (Pic003).

Tony Land brought along some of his Kato powered railcars to run on David Wilcox’s Dolserau (Pic004). These included a homage to the Statfold Barn Railway’s rail Landrover (pic005).

Paul Atkin brought along his layout “Brende Lanes End” (pic006) . This saw a variety of stock during the meeting. The Colin Ashby coaches that Paul had built and painted at previous meetings (pic007). There was also a Dapol railbus bash (pic008) and Paul’s freight loco made from a pair of Coopercraft lorry cabs (pic009).

Another layout was Bob Taylor’s “Abandoned”. This was built in an A4 box file. It featured an abandoned cottage inspired by one in the Betws Garmon area.  Bob had used it as a test piece to try out some new techniques. These included using oil paints, static grass and ‘fluffy’ sheep produced in the same way (using white fibres instead of green). The result (pic010) was rather effective.

Mike Bartleet had been continuing work on stock for his Huntsville & Lake of Bays Railway in O (1/4″) scale. The latest addition was a mobile crane (pic011). This used a 4 wheel flat wagon chassis (built to fine scale standards) and a 7mm scale Peco yard crane.

Adrian Hall showed a selection of the 20-30 building he had acquired 2nd hand .  He had reworked them to include lighting and interior details (pic012). Adrian also had a vertical boiler Shay made from a 3d printed body. this was running on an N-scale diesel chassis that he had regauged to 10.5mm for use on his HOn3 layout (pic013).

Matthew Tozer was working on painting some stock (pic014). this included finishing off a pair of 4 wheel tramway coaches with brass balconies (pic015). He also had a selection of vans (pic016). All these had been purchased from Double M Pro, a 3d printer seller on Etsy.

March 2024 meeting

14 attended our March meting (Pic001 & 002).

John Walker brought along his DCC test track (Pic003).  He ran one of his sound equipped Double Fairlies and his mainline Hunslet Blanche (also sound equipped) with his new Ffestiniog Bowside coaches (Pic004).

Andy Foster brought ‘Hartland’ along. Several group members assisted with the eviction of electrical gremlins (Pic005 & 6). Most of this was achieved, but it was found that the switches operating the points and frog polarity switching had given up after many years of storage. These will need to be replaced at a later date.

Ben Powell brought along a selection of recently built stock for his Gasworks project (Pic007). He also had a review sample of the 70hp RNAD Baguley that Bachmann (Pic008 & 9).

Ian Willetts brought along his latest projects. The first were of some nicely finished GVT coaches from Nigel Brooks 3D prints and one of the Dundas freelance GVT style 4 wheelers (Pic010). He also had (finally!) finished the free 009 Society kit given as part of his joining pack (Pic011).

Paul Atkin brought along his coupling height gauge (Pic012). He used this to fit Greenwich couplings to a variety of stock, including some Colin Ashby 4 wheel coaches (Pic013).

Alan Macdonald brought along his layout ‘Nant Gwrtheyrn’ (Pic014 & 15) for a ‘shake down’ before he starts exhibiting it.

Alec Matthews brought along Darjeelish (Pic016) which has had a few more scenic additions. It also played host to a 3d printed Decauville from Joseph Jacks (Pic017). Joseph  also brought along a 3d printed body and tender for the Statfold Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0 ‘Fiji’.

Steve Mann brought along the scenic boards for his layout ‘Goodmannton’ (Pic019) to sort out some rail conductivity issues. These proved to be easier to fix that Steve thought, which allowed Charlie Forbes to run some of his stock (Pic020).

February 2024 meeting

15 attended our February meting (Pic001).

Trevor Street brought along his latest loco. This was a small vertical boiler 0-4-0 built on a Tsugawa Koppel-A chassis. It had a run on Peter Hardy’s test track pushing a small snowplough (one of Alec Matthews’ prints) and pulling a small van (a Woolwich Arsenal 3d printed kit from Narrow Planet) (Pic002).

Mike Bartleet brought along some On30 stock (Pic003). The loco was a Rivarrossi HO dock shunter converted to On30 with a new cab from Smallbrook Studios. This joined an oil tank car (4 drums on a flat wagon with a roof) and a bogie flat wagon based on a Huntsville & Lake of Bays prototypes. He was also working on building flat wagons from Mount Blue Models laser cut wooden kits.

Dick Johnson brought along ‘Tren Bach”. Running a selection of stock (including the Purple Moose special wagons – Pic004) meant that his Peco model of Princess (Pic005) had it’s first run since before Christmas.

Tim Williams made a welcome visit to the group. He brought along Chwarel Cwm Bach 2.0 for a run and it looks to be progressing very well indeed (Pic 006 & 7).

John Davies had also been busy at the workbench. His latest loco is based on the 2-6-4 Kitson locos built for the Leek & Manifold. John’s scratch built brass body runs on a Berlinerbahn chassis. This started out as a 2-8-2 but John has modified it to a 2-6-4 format.

Joseph Jacks brought along a pair of 3D printed locos (Pci009). First was a Fourdees ‘Little Isaac’ 0-4-2T. It was joined by a Decauville 0-4-0T printed by Alec Matthews (Pic010). Both had been finished in a rather nicely weathered olive green livery.

January 2024 Meeting Report

15 attended our January meting.

Dick Johnson’s Tren Bach saw Dick’s Quarry Hunslet ‘Holy War’ pulling a rake of Peco special edition vans (Pic001). He also ran the Purple Moose train seen at the last meeting (Pic002).  Maybe it’s awaiting the addition of a beer tent on the layout, perhaps? These joined a train of Egger stock from Ian Willetts (Pic003) that he had lightly re-worked and repainted in a Ford red.

David Wilcox brought ‘Dolserau’ along (Pic004).  This has gained a few vehicles including the RAF St. Athan mountain rescue team (Pic005).  These are based on David’s childhood memories. Amongst the usual selection of David’s stock was a rather nice Knightwing based loco running on a HST chassis (Pic006)

Peter Hardy had built a new bogie break coach.  This uses parts from the Dundas Model kit (Pic007). Peter has painted it to match the 4 wheel coaches built from Colin Ashby parts. These looked rather nice behind “Hobgoblin” (a Bagnall 0-6-2 by Paul Windle – Pic008.jpg) .  The train also ran with Peter’s O&K contractor’s loco (Mosskito kit on Fleischmann chassis with Tramfabriek motor – Pic009.jpg)

Adrian Hall spent the evening working on some HO scale buildings (Pic011.jpg and Pic012.jpg).  These are  being restored from a job lot as part of a larger layout project. Sharing the table was Mike Bartleet.  He was building some On30 stock (Pic013 & 014) based on those that ran on the Huntsville & Lake Of Bays railway in Canada.

Someone else taking the time to work on some projects was Dave Marriott, who was working on some laser cut plywood servo mounts from Megapoints (Pic015).

A layout making its debut at the meeting was Rob Taylor’s 1st layout (Pic016). This wintery scene consists of an oval of track with the tunnel mouths made from Das clay.  The rest of the scenery made up of polystyrene and papiermâché. The Bachmann ‘Holy War’ and train of 2023 Christmas van and WHR 590 van (both Peco special editions) looked well at home (pic017).

Neil Davis brought along one of the new O-16,5 L&B brake coaches from Lionheart – and very nice it looked too! (Pic018).

Alec Matthews brought along a new work in progress layout. “Darjeelish” is loosely based on the Darjeeling & Himalaya with small cameo scenes from the line (pic019). To go with the new layout Alec has been printing some updated DHR stock.  These included a semi-open milk van, some vans to fit the Peco 10′ and 15′ N scale chassis and Tindharia shunters truck.  There was also a DHR version of his ‘Yorkshire’ 4 wheel diesel  (Pic020) shown with his Vale of Rheidol timber truck and V of R (ex-Plynlimon & Hafan) Bagnall flat wagon. He had also been working on more Vale of Rheidol stock in the form of a loco coal wagon and ex-Plynlimon & Hafan Bagnall open wagon (Pic021).

Joseph Jacks’ Kerr Stuart Skylark made a visit to Darjeelish on a test run after having the body lowered onto the chassis slightly. In the company of a Peco L&B bogie coach and one of Alec’s DHR wagons it looked the part (Pic022).

December 2023 meeting

19 attended our December meting (pic001&2).

John Walker made a welcome return to the group. He has been out of circulation due to health issues which have meant his move into a care home. Despite rapidly approaching his 97th Birthday John is still active in 009. He recently added a set of the new Peco FR Bow-side coaches to his collection, and ran these with his FR bug boxes behind one of his sound equipped double Fairlies.(Pic003)

Also running on John’s DCC test track was Julien Webb’s Billard A 80 D, a REE Models example fitted with DCC sound.

Dick Johnson brought along ‘Tren Bach’ with the latest addition to his stock. These were some customised Minitrains tankers and a Dundas kit built brake van in Purple Moose livery to match his Peco van, hauled by a Bachmann ‘Holy War’ quarry Hunslet(pic004) .

Andy Foster had one of his Bachmann Baldwins running on Dick’s ‘Tren Bach’ (pic005). Its train included an Ashover coach fresh from Bachmann (pic006). This was a TLO sample brought along by Ben Powell that looked very smart in its Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway livery (pic007).

Andy Foster had also brought along ‘Hartland’ for a further delve into its electrical issues. Ian Willetts (pic008) and Ben Powell gave the layout a good going over. It seems to be a bit more involved that was first thought at the November meeting so a return visit to carry out some wiring work was arranged.

Peter Hardy brought along his test track and ran his extended Colin Asby coaches behind the Mosskito / Meridian Models O&K 0-4-2T that appeared part built at the November meeting (pic009). If only I could work so quickly!

Alec Matthews like Peter had also been busy. New off the 3d printer was a 5 tonne Decauville 0-4-0T to fit the Bachmann Quarry Hunslet chassis. This looked rather nice heading a rake of Alec’s DHR open wagons (pic010). Also new were a pair of 4 wheel steel vans. Based on Leeds Forge designs with options for either fixed or adjustable ventilators (pic011). Alec had also printed a small snowplough (pic012). There was also Alec’s a bogie brake van based on Vale of Rheidol parts (Pic013) and a rather nice clerestory bogie coach (pic014).

With the longer meeting a few members had brought along some projects to work on (pic015). Paul Atkin was painting up a pair of Colin Ashby coaches. Matthew Tozer was working on some more 3D printed good stock for his Fox Valley Light Railway (pic016). Charlie Forbes was putting the finishing touches to the railcar trailer. He had built this at the recent Warley National exhibition as part of the groups 009 modelling demonstration (pic017). Charlie used parts from pair of Modelscene Maudsley bus kits. Also ‘working’ was Dave Marriott, who was building some MERG servo driver circuit boards (pic018).

Steve Mann brought along some of his latest projects. First was a bogie break van based on Dundas Vale of Rheidol parts (pic019). This joined a Permanent Way vehicle made from some more V of R brake van parts on a V of R coach chassis. It is due to have a Hiab crane added (pic020). Steve also had some tank wagons using Road Transport Images cast resin tanks he had bought at the Warley show. he had mounted these on War Department chassis (Pic021). Also running on Steve’s test track was Ian Willetts’ Kerr Stuart diesels. First was a Meridian white metal body on a Farish 03 chassis (pic 022). It joined a Chivers Hudson Hunslet diesel on a sweet-running Farish motor bogie (pic023).

A few things avoided the photographers lens but worthy of a mention. Charlie Forbes’ brought a collection of railcars and one of the ANE Model Ali-shan Forest Railway bogie diesel locomotives. Neil Davies had a selection of Fourdees locos including a ‘St George’ Peckett 0-6-0T, Hudswell ‘Bacillus 0-4-0T, Peckett “Jubilee” 0-4-0ST and Hunslet “Windle” 0-4-2T.

November 2023 meeting at Four Oaks Methodist Church Hall

18 attended our November meting.

Andy Foster had purchased ‘Hartland’ (also known as ‘Jim’s treacle Mine’) from Jim Hart’s estate and brought it along to the meeting for some advice. Apart from reattaching some of the frog polarity switching wires and giving the track a really thorough clean it looked like very little needed doing.  With the help from a number of group members (pic001) we managed to get some faltering running from Andy’s Bachmann WD Baldwin on the layout by the end of the evening.

Matthew Tozer brought along a small selection of 3d printed stock to paint during the evening. There were a 4 wheel Indian style steel van and 4 wheel open wagon from T&S models. Also being painted were a pair of freelance 4 wheel tramway coaches from DoubleM Pro that Matthew had found on Etsy. (Pic002)

Colin Capel brought along the genesis of a new layout in the form of a Liliput 0-6-2 and standard gauge wagons on HOe transporter wagons (pic003).

John Davies had been busy making some buildings in wood (Pic004) with went very well with Colin’s short train (Pic005).

David Wilcox brought along his layout ‘Dolserau’. David has added a new station building based on that at Chirk on the Glyn Valley Tramway (pic006).

Paul Atkin was continuing work on the Kato Mini-Diorama board (pic007). By the end of the evening sported a platform and a small station building (pic008). Paul has given it the name of ‘Snap-it Halt’.

Joseph Jacks brought along his Snailbeach working diorama (pic009). It has has acquired some mine buildings (pic010). Continuing the card theme Joseph had also built a second Skylark from card and running on a Kato tram chassis (pic011).

Ben Powell had been busy with some coal wagons for his new gasworks layout (pic012). Built from Chivers plastic hopper wagons, Ben has painted and weathered them using spray cans. Ben also had his model of Monarch. It did a grand job of hauling the new wagons on Dick Johnson’s ‘Tren Bach’ (Pic013). Ben also brought a set of Bachmann Dinorwic Slate Wagons without sides he had recieved for review (pic014).

Steve Mann had been working on some tank wagons, using Dundas WD wagon chassis and Knightwing oil tanks. These made their debut at the meeting on Peter Hardy’s test track running behind Adrian Hall’s Minitrains 0-4-0ST Baldwin (Pic015). Adrain also ran his Minitrains Porter (pic016) and Plymouth diesel with some Roco mine tubs and a 3d printed brake van (Pic017).

Peter Hardy had started another loco project (pic018). This was a Mosskito (Ex Meridian Models) 0-4-2T O&K Plantation Loco.  Peter has fitted with a Fleischmann 0-4-0 chassis. The chassis had been shortened to fit the white metal body. Also, the motor has been eplaced with one of the core-less motor upgrade kits from Tramfabriek.

Alec Matthews had been busy with his 3D printer! There was a Kerr Stuart Skylark on a Farish 08 chassis modified with RT models parts (Pic019). Second, a heavyweight diesel shunter based on Yorkshire Engine Company. Alec had 2 versions.  One fits the Kato tram chassis (Pic020). The other uses a Narrow Garage chassis from Japan with added 3d printed outside cranks (Pic021). Alec had also printed some Campbelltown & Macrihanish stock (Pic022) that includes a break van, open wagons and a mine hutch carrier (pic023). Also, he had some Vale of Rheidol coaches that included a rather nice semi-open coach (pic024).

West Mids Group meeting, October 13th 2023 at Four Oaks Methodist Church Hall

19 members made it through the rains to our October meeting.

Ben Powell had been reworking his Hunslet 0-6-2T ‘Theakston’ and has substantially rebuilt it. (Pic001)

Ian Willetts brought along his 3d printed Bagnall wing tank on its Minitrains chassis. Initially this had a problem where the flywheel rubbing on the inside of the cab. Ian had solved the issue by removing the top section of the cab back and adding some flat metal supports for the cab roof. (Pic002)

Neil Davies brought along a 3d printed 60ph Kerr Stuart diesel running on a Farish 04 chassis. This pulled a train of Welshpool & Llanfair stock. This consisted of five Ninelines sheep wagons and three cattle vans (a pair of 3d prints and a Nine Lines kit). (Pic004)

Pete Hardy was finally able to get some time on his own test track, being able to run a Paul Windle built Kerr Stuart 0-6-2 T ‘Hobgoblin’ passed to him by Peter Cullen. (Pic005)

Alec Matthews had been busy with his 3d printer producing some Darjeeling & Himalaya open wagons (two shown in Pic006). His new double balcony brake van is based on the Glyn Valley Tramway design. Alec has lengthened it incorporate the second balcony (Pic007).  It looked rather nice with the Tralee & Dingle loco Alec had purchased at the Statfold Barn show (Pic008). Alec has also been working up some designs for bogie stock based on the Southwold Railway Cleminson 6 wheel stock. These included a drop door wagon (Pic009), low-sided wagon (Pic010) and flat wagon (Pic011), run on printed bogies (pic012) and have full underframe details (pic013). Alec had also purchased an ARU models 0-6-0 chassis (Pic0140). This that ran well fresh out of the box, and improved with the addition of some weight, though the Tralee & Dingle loco providing the mass was a little out of the loading gauge (Pic015).

Joseph Jacks brought along his Snailbeach 0-4-2T Skylark that was running very well, but unfortunately missed my lens. His a Talyllyn ‘Douglass’ made form one of Alec Matthews’ 3D prints on an N-Drive productions chassis (Pic016) didn’t!  Neither did his 3d printed Talyllyn brake and the (in)famous nuclear flask on a War Department E class wagon (pic017). Joseph had also been experimenting with card and using watercolour paints to add the details to make buildings, with a water tank as his first prototype (Pic018).

Paul Atkin spent the meeting building one of the Kato curved mini-diorama boards (Pic019).  He managed to finish the basic build by the end of the meeting (pic020, shown with Joseph Jacks’ guards van). Paul’s next challenge is to decide what to add in the way of scenery.

David Wilcox brought along his 009 layout ‘Dolserau’ with a selection of stock.  This included his diesel loco ‘Hercules’ and scratch built bogie wagon (Pic021), and an articulated railcar ‘Y Ddraig Goch’ made from one of the Airfix / Dapol OO gauge railbus kit (Pic022)

Dave Rowley took the controls of ‘Dolserau’ (Pic023) to run his 3d printed tram loco and some stock (pic024). These included some Welshpool cattle vans (3d prints from Nigel Brookes) and some very nicely painted Gloucester cattle (pic026).

West Mids Group meeting, September 8th 2023 at Four Oaks Methodist Church Hall


Our September meeting saw sixteen members attending.

Peter Hardy brought along his test track.   This saw a selection of 3d printed models from Alec Matthews. First was a Darjeeling A class 0-4-0ST running on a Minitrains F&C chassis. This pulled a train of DHR stock, also printed by Alec (pic001). Second, a Bagnall style 0-6-2 (Pic002). Third, a model of Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0 ‘Fiji’ (Pic003).  Both the 6-copuled locos used on an outside frame Farish 08 chassis.  Alec also brought a  3D printed Talyllyn (ex Penrhyn) open coach, TR coach No.3 and static 3′ gauge Manning Wardle 0-6-0T, but these escaped the lens!

Also making use of Pete Hardy’s track was Ben Powell’s Bagnall 0-4-4-0 ‘Monarch’. It also took a turn with Alec’s Darjeeling stock (pic004).

John Davies had progressed his Emmett layout “Pipet Crewcorem” considerably since it’s last visit in June (Pic005).

Another layout that was on display as a work in progress was a new HO/HOn3 module by Adrian Hall (pic006).

Matthew Tozer was building some Meridian Models kits at the meeting. he also had some finished models. These formed a small work train made from 3d printed bodies by Nemiminiatures (pic007).

Four Oaks Meeting, August 2023

Our August meeting saw twelve members attending.

Peter Hardy brought along his test track and his Southwold Sharp Stewart 2-4-0T.  This had acquired a new keeper plate that had improved the running. It pulled a pair of coaches that Peter had built from some Colin Ashby kits. Each coach used 1 1/2 kits to make a long wheelbase 4 wheel coach. (Pic001)

Charlie Forbes made a visit from the East Mids Group and brought along a selection of stock. First was a 3 car railcar set made from Hornby Pacer bodies (Pic002). Another 3 car set had been built from Dapol/Airfix railcar kits.  These were based on designs by Bernard Taylor published on NGRM-Online(Pic003). Finnaly we saw a pair of Clogher Valley coach kits from Fourdees .(Pic004)

Joseph Jacks had been busy with his Snailbeach layout (Pic005) with further developments to the scenery. Joseph had also been working on some rolling stock. Star was with a ‘danger train’ consisting of a Stenning Talyllyn gunpowder van, RNAD flat wagon with bomb load, converted War Department E class well wagon with nuclear flask. This was finished off with an RNAD break van and Kerr Stuart Skylark. (Pic006)

Alec Matthews brought along a selection of his 3D printed models. First was a Talyllyn Douglas on a Bachmann Percy chassis (Pic007) with a Talyllyn guards van (Pic008).  Alec’s re-worked Bachmann WD Baldwin (Pic009) always looks good. Alec had also done another ‘South American’ Double Fairlie.  This one is a second Bachmann Double Fairlie, with a replacement steel cab and other 3D printed details (Pic010).

Bob Taylor brought along his latest purchase of a Bachmann Ffestiniog Railway Linda with tender in a very fetching blue livery (Pic011).

David Churchill brought along a Narrow Garage 9mm gauge chassis(Pic012). This is destined for one of his Darjeeling Railway diesel locos 3D printed in India . David also had a Couillet 0-4-0 (Pic013).  This uses one of Alec’s 3d prints as a starting point and was running on a Bachmann Percy chassis.

West Mids Group meeting, July 14th 2023 at Four Oaks Methodist Church Hall

Our July meeting saw a bumper turnout of 16 (Pic000).

Dick Johnson brought along ‘Tren Bach’ after replacing the points on the layout twice. The first time to replace the originals that had failed. The second time when the replacements succumbed to thermal expansion. Quarry Hunslet ‘Alice’ was hauling a rake of Roco 4 wheel stock and a Kiso Forest break van from Minitrains. Despite the Roco stock being sold as N scale they didn’t look out of place with the 009 & HOe stock (Pic001). Dick also ran a Bachmann Rheneas with some added 3D printed details (Pic002). A Britomart pulling a train (Pic003) that included a pair of the new Peco FR bug boxes (Pic004) could also be seen.

Tim Williams made a welcome visit to a meeting (Pic005). He brought along a model of Port Dinorwic built by Kathy Millatt (Pic006) that Tim is looking after on behalf of the Bala Lake Railway. Tim has been reworking parts of the layout to make exhibiting it easier. This includes(adding a continuous run and some automation like  a shuttle unit to the OO ‘main line’.  To do that the 0-6-0 Jinty needed it’s DCC chip to be reprogrammed. Mac Strong had kindly brought along his DCC controller to renumber the Jinty (pic007) which was then tested with the shuttle unit (Pic008).

As Mac had the DCC set up the opportunity was taken to test run Tim’s DCC-fitted 009 Ruston.  This is  a Shape-way print on Tomitech chassis (Pic009).  Also running on DCC was Mac’s Lilliput German loco (Pic010) that usually sees service on Mac’s layout ‘Hunker Down’.

Ben Powell brought along his ‘industrial’ Bagnall Meyer.  Now named ‘Titan’ it joined with a scratch built RNAD bogie flat wagon (Pic011). These headed a rake of Bachmann RNAD stock and 009 Society kits on Peter Hardy’s test track (Pic012). Julien Webb brought along his latest item of stock. Made from the 009 Society scratch aid kit for the US Box Car (pic013), it has been built with the doors open and some unofficial passengers inside.

Peter Hardy has also been working with the 009 Society scratch aid kits.  Using the Australian open coach body parts shortened made a bogie coach. He had also made a second bogie coach with balcony made from Colin Ashby parts (Pic014). These joined a scratch built van and open built onto Peco N-scale chassis (Pic015). Also running but missing the photographer’s lens was Ian Willetts’ Minitrains Bagnall and Ben Powell’s Drewry diesel.  Something else that missed being snapped was David Churchill’s 3d printed kit for a DHR coach that had come all the way from India.

Adrian Hall brought along the pair of Shays seen at the May meeting. These have now been ‘tuned’ to vastly improve their running. Adrian’s next job was to detail them ready for use with the rest of Adrian’s HOn3 stock (Pic016).

David Wilcox brought along some SM-32 stock, (Pic017) and some bags of ballast left over from his garden railway that he was selling off to raise money for the group.

Matthew Tozer had brought along his model making tools and during the meeting built one of the Dundas Models Irish NG wagon kits (Pic018).