October 2020’s online meeting report

With thanks to Tim Williams for setting up our online meeting seven of us were able to see the following:

Tim had been working on Insulation Lumber, having started track laying with a mix of Busch and home made (3D printed based and Peco Z gauge rails) track . Also, experiments operating points through wire in tube with remote servo actuators seemed to be paying dividends.

Julien Webb hadn’t been up to much other than painting some figures and cargo for his Os.Kar. Emmina railcars.

Blair Hobson had been preoccupied with his recent house move, though this did mean that he now had a space ripe for a new workshop, bookshelves and accompanying layout(s).

David Churchill had been working on drawings of DHR station buildings for a forthcoming book. He had also treated himself to an “Elizabeth” tram loco from Fourdees, based on a 2′ gauge Howra & Amta 0-4-2T and powered by a Kato 11-109 chassis, and a long wheelbase chassis from Japan for his scratch built DHR railcar.

Ben Powell had been busy fixing down the track for his new Industrial layout, based on a typical foundry works. He had also managed to acquire an original Peckett catalogue for some inspiration for new loco building projects.